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We here at Goodwin Cleaning and Pest Control in Canton, OH., are a local small family owned business. We offer a variety of services for Residential and Commercial clients. We have been in Business since 2010 and really enjoy what we do for our clients. As an excellent provider of all things pest control, our customers have relied on us for many years, and we are yet to find one who regretted using us. 

Myself and My Husband work for you personally to keep our customers happy. A lot of times in this profession you get employees that work for someone else they may not care about the service they provide, or the job they do for you because to them it's just a job. - Melissa Goodwill.” 

As you will come to see you, we have some of the best trained experts in the area who’re specialized in excellent pest control, and extermination services. It is interesting to note that many pests are becoming ever harder to remove as they are getting more resistant to the chemicals that have been used over a number of years.

As a provider in the field, we‘ve noted this with concern, and though it is a serious environmental matter, we also have taken mitigation actions against these and you will find that our removal services are able to get rid of even the most difficult-to-remove pests.
You can trust us to provide professional and reliable services in: pest control, excellent ant extermination, and removal of difficult bedbugs. Additionally we are able to get rid of spiders, mites and anything creepy crawly around your home. We therefore welcome your call today.

As the premier provider of insect-pest removal services in the area, when you give us a job, you can trust us to be there on time and to stick with the project until successful completion.
Get in touch with up our professional customer service department, for they are able to explain to you how we undertake a job, and will even sit down with you for an evaluation after we do the job. We will come you’ll visit today.

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